About Us

“PeerViewer strives to consolidate all peer reviewers around the world to get paid from their time and expertise”


PeerViewer a premier freelance peer reviewers marketplace that offers the opportunity to review scholarly research papers and GET PAID. We strive to consolidate all peer reviewers around the world in different disciplines to exercise professionalism and promote excellent publications and other scholarly works.

Through PeerViewer, Journal editors and Publishing Companies can post projects and find the suitable freelance peer reviewer to work their projects online. PeerViewer provides you quality and secured online platform to post your works, accept bids from pre-vetted peers, and get your scholarly work published fast and high quality.

Our goal is to ELIMINATE the tenuous works by FREE peer reviews notably: slow review delivery, inconsistency and many biases. Most of peer reviewers are overwhelmed with requests to accept more peer review among other tasks they already have, thus limits their motivation to perform well thought reviews. Inconsistent reviews are experience by many authors who have submitted papers to one journal are considered excellent, whereas in other journals are not. Many biases exist in anonymous review. Authors from less prestigious institutions and individuals not known to the reviewers have more difficulties getting published.

PeerViewer consider reviewers as professionals, educated to do the job, and definitely, they should be paid. The payment can be modest, and reviewers would be more accountable, thus careful scrutiny will be done accordingly and deadlines will be respected adding value to the papers and saving time.

Are you a published Scientist, Scholar or Researcher or perhaps intending to get published? We make it easier for you as a freelance peer reviewer to bid for a project and for employer to post projects for review.


For the Employer such as Journal Editors and Publishing firms:

  1. Create a Profile – this is your account containing details about you, company, journals and qualifications.
  2. Post your works – an employer can be able to post projects after login or signup on the site. Project submission can be free or paid package
  3. Accept Bids from Freelancers – review through the bids from freelancers in the project detail page and decide to accept or ignore this bid. When employer chooses the most suitable freelancer to work his project, he clicks the “Accept” button on the bid list.
  4. Pay only when satisfied – the employer only pay when they are satisfied with the work done.

For the Freelancer:

  1. Create a profile – this is your account containing details about your professional identity and ORCID records.
  2. Search and bid for projects – use our search feature to select a project that fits your discipline and interest.
  3. Review and deliver – when your bid is accepted, review and deliver the project within the agreed schedule.
  4. Get paid when client approves work – get paid when the buyer has approved your work.

PeerViewer open the gate of opportunities amongst scientist, researchers and scholars to access the pool of pre-vetted and highly motivated reviewers, journal editors and publishing companies across the globe who are committed and respect schedules so you can be rest assured that your work is in safe hands. Check our trust and quality page.

PeerViewer offers you a safe and reliable payment system that is integrated with the Escrow – a helpful feature to create a trustworthy marketplace. PeerViewer serves a moderator between the freelance peer reviewer and employer. When a transaction starts, money money is send including budget of that project and commission to PeerViewer website. In the Escrow system, this money is keep until the project is completed. In case of dispute, PeerViewer will play a role as judge to make the final decision to refund money to the employer or send the payment for the freelancer based on their reasons. Hence, PeerViewer Escrow integrated system can give you the ability to ensure the safety of each transaction and the benefits of our users. Additional information can be found in Privacy Policy and Term of Service.