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Prospective reviewers would be more inclined to do a speedy and thorough job. Retired scientists with extensive expertise and plenty of free time would be keen to participate. Editors would be spared the hunt for willing referees. – Nature 517, 145 

Eleftherios P. Diamandis

Paper reviewing takes time and requires a lot of work. If we consider reviewers as professionals, they should be educated to do the job, and yes, they should be paid. They would be more accountable if they get paid, careful work will be done and deadlines will be respected. – Einstein (São Paulo) vol.12 no.3 (2014)

Jacyr Pasternak & Sidney Glina

We are convinced that this will help to increase the quality of peer-review above the current high standards that contemporary journals struggle to provide such as highly motivated reviewers. –

Wurzbacher et. al (2016)